We'll help you think outside the box. Literally.

Simplot Retail offers the broadest array of packaging options for consumer packaged goods and retail brands. We also partner with customers to develop and source new and innovative packaging to meet emerging consumer trends and needs. We currently have the flexibility to package frozen food products in the following formats:


For entrees and other ready-to-cook meals, we've got you covered.
single compartment entree tray

Single Compartment Entree Tray

2 compartment entree tray

2 Compartment Entree Tray

3 compartment entree tray

3 Compartment Entree Tray

breakfast entree bowl

Breakfast Entree Bowl


Our bags can be customized in a variety of ways.
pillow pack

Pillow Pack

double or single gusset bag

Double or Single Gusset Bag

doy pouch bottom gusset

Doy Pouch Bottom Gusset

flat bottom double gusset

Flat Bottom Double Gusset

quad seal bag

Quad Seal Bag


entree carton

Entree Carton