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Our 4Sight 2030 Goals

At Simplot Foods, our involvement in the entire value chain—from seed production to processing—gives us a unique opportunity and responsibility to work more sustainably. In 2020, we laid out a 10-year plan to add specificity and accountability to our ongoing sustainability efforts, company-wide and around the world. We chose four primary areas of impact:

Icon 4Sight 2030 Goals Energy

Reduce energy use by 15% per ton of product

Icon 4Sight 2030 Goals Carbon

Reduce carbon emissions by 20% per ton of product

Icon 4Sight 2030 Goals Water

Reduce freshwater intake 15% per ton of product

Icon 4Sight 2030 Goals Waste

Achieve zero waste to landfill in our food processing plants, globally

Sustainability in Action

When you grow up in agriculture, the link between the health of the land, air and water to your own well-being couldn’t be more clear. Our founder, J.R. Simplot, worked the land from an early age, developing a respect for resources that remains a core value of our company to this day.

Awards, Certificates & Recognition

Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency
Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency

2021, Idaho Plant (High Bay Freezer) Learn More ›

Energy Star® certification
The following plants have earned Energy Star® certification in multiple years.

Grand Forks, Idaho, Moses Lake, Othello, Portage la Prairie 

Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency
Idaho Governor’s Award for Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency

2015, Idaho Plant

LEED Certified Processing Plant
LEED Certified Processing Plant

Idaho Plant, LEED Gold Certified

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